JULY 26 – 29, 2018  |  ORLANDO, FL.

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“Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you ever wanted in life!”

– Ben Woodward

Game Changing Summit

Every year, hundreds of Nikken Consultants descend on Orlando, Florida to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s working. In 2018 the event will focus on developing essential leadership skills to prepare and to empower consultants from around the world to become their very best. Think of it like a once in a lifetime HBM – on steroids!

What to expect in 2018

It goes without saying that one of the highlights of any event of this nature is the getting together with friends and colleagues from around the country and around the world. The bonding, networking, collaborating and team spirit that is present fuels the activity of the masses for months to come.


This year, along with the injection of magnetic team energy will be lessons taught from the leadership elite. Success in business unfortunately, does not come from simply doing the right things. It requires doing them the right way, for the right reasons, with the right intent at the right time. Without a magic mirror that can be hard to know. Think of the Orlando 2018 Summit as your personal magic mirror! We will reveal the secrets to you so you can confidently become all you aspire to be.

Topics we will cover

  • Attributes of a leader
  • Is there a leader within me?
  • I can do hard things
  • Leading others with vision and clarity
  • How to lead in network marketing
  • Turning the curve and creating new business growth
  • Creating compelling business and life plans
  • Kickstarting your team
  • Round tables with Leaders (get to know your speakers)
  • Strategies for success
  • Leadership 101: Getting Started well in Nikken 
  • Nikken Now: Build your business at the event.
  • Nikken Product USP’s – Leading with uniqueness.

What Happened Last Year

Last years event was simply fantastic and a professional experience from start to finish. Whether you loved the experience and insights being taught from stage, the round table discussions with your favourite leaders or the disco at the end of the event to dance the night away – there was something for everyone of all ages in Nikken.


Last year introduced a unique format to the event and this will follow in 2018. The event gave room for each delegate to enjoy downtime, network, sightsee or plan. Sections of the day were blocked out for people to do their own thing so that each session had a fresh and attentive crowd.  This meant that the content rich experience delivered from stage could have its maximum reach with each guest. No fire hydrant of information approach. More of a distilled fine wine poured into your glass for you to savor, enjoy and be enriched by.


So, we think you need to come again or decide to come along. You won’t be disappointed. This event is designed with you in mind. We want to see your life become better. We want to offer you the chance to become more and this requires – in fact demands that the leader within you takes a stronger stand. Our hand is reached out. Reach back, grab hold and let’s make your future one to be immensely proud of.


We are so excited to offer you an experience that has the potential to change the trajectory of your life. And we don’t say that lightly. Your mission, the Nikken cause and products along with the network marketing model provide you the tools to give your life indescribable sparkle. Watch this space for when the program will be uploaded. In the mean time – be sure to get your tickets!


Thursday Night: BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND Lead – Ben Woodward 

Doors open at 7pm

7.30pm          Ben and Kim: Welcome

740pm           Bernadette McBurnie – Developing Vision as a Leader

810pm           Susan Carver – Leading with Purpose

840pm           Ben – The Attributes of a Leader (Purpose Centred, Heart Driven)

910pm           Kim Woodward – Call to action and close

925pm           END


Friday Morning: THE NIKKEN ADVANTAGE Lead – Dr Gary Lindner

Doors open at 9am

930am           Dr Gary Lindner and Heather Abbott: Welcome

940am           Dr Gary Lindner – Product Technologies (Nikken’s unique differences)

1010am         Jeff Isom Product Launch, Business Announcements, HBM message

1040am         Rick Murphy – The Nikken Advantage

1120am         Linda Morris – The Nikken Wellness Home (product, business, lifestyle)

1150am         Dennis and Ruth Williams – The Nikken Compensation Plan Benefits

1220pm         Dr Gary Lindner and Heather Abbott – Call to action and close

1230pm         END


Friday Afternoon:

200pm           Special Workshop with Dave Rolfe

330pm           End


Friday Evening:  GET TO KNOW THE LEADERS Ben W (Round tables – no speakers)

Doors open at 7pm

730pm           Round table discussions begin
20 minutes per table then rotate. 

930pm           END


Saturday Morning: GETTING STARTED IN LEADERSHIP Lead – Mike DiMuccio

Doors open at 9am

930am           Mike DiMuccio: Welcome

940am           Paulina Villela – Starting from Scratch – Your first steps in Leadership 

1010am         Bo Tanas – How to Lead a team in Nikken

1040               Dave Johnson – Confronting the hard things
(success stories from those that did it!)

1120am         Mike DiMuccio – Engineering Continued Growth – How to develop
new leaders

1200pm         Barbara Bettuci – Women in Leadership

1220pm         Mike DiMuccio – Call to action and close

1230pm         END


Saturday Afternoon: FROM DIRECT TO ROYAL DIAMOND Lead – Susan Carver

Doors open at 2pm

230pm           ​Welcome: Susan Carver

240pm​           Brad Arnz – Your Leadership playbook – What to recognise within your team 310pm​Sherri Danzig – Nikken Milestones – how to know you’re on track (recruiting, ​​rank advancements, and how to do it well!)

340pm​           Jeff Isom (recognition)

400pm​          Herb Rapp – Winning on Purpose

430pm          ​Susan Carver – From Direct to Royal Diamond

510pm​           Ben and Kim Woodward: Closing remarks (thank speakers, helpers, guests, ​​​staff, hotel etc).

530pm           ​END


Saturday Evening: Social Activity/Networking at the hotel



All Entrepreneurs have fears. But those that face their fears with faith have courage also.

Join us at this leadership summit to develop the faith and courage to face your fears and make a change!

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What People Said About Last Year's Event

In a business of collaboration that inspires us to be the best we can be,
the times we feel most connected to that spirit is at the main annual

For those seeking to take Nikken to the level of a profession, the
Orlando Leadership in 2018 will provide the opportunity to crystallize your
vision, plan and team.

It is the capstone of events in my opinion for forging the next generation Diamonds.

Mike DiMuccio, Royal Diamond

The Orlando Leadership summit was my first international event.  I had the opportunity to learn the best practices from diamonds and royal diamonds that had been out on the field for a long time.

I put into practice many of the learnings from the Summit which helped me achieve my goals for 2017.

I also met new members of the Nikken global family and had lots of fun.  Definetively, the Orlando Leadership Summit is an event that any  business builder should attend. Alejandra Castillo, Royal Diamond

The annual Business Summit in Orlando is critical for anyone who wants to build a powerful, viable, lucrative network with Nikken.

Learning from the best of the best, those who have helped many become millionaires in our business, is a tremendous privilege.

Be mentored in a creative, loving, supportive environment to take your life to the next level ~  Diamondships will be developed for sure!! Julie Tara, Royal Diamond

The Venue

The Florida Hotel & Conference Center

ADDRESS: 1500 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809, USA

Located at the Florida Mall and close to the Orlando Airport, The Florida Hotel and Conference Center Best Western Premier Collection offers city convenience combined with upscale comfort and warm hospitality. From the friendly atmosphere with genuine personalized service, outstanding hotel amenities including casual on site dining, 24-hour fitness center and outdoor pool combined with unbeatable central location, you’ll discover a welcome and comfortable home base for an unforgettable Orlando vacation in the sunshine state.


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